5th Summer Workshop on Operator Theory

5th - 9th July 2016 Kraków


For a lunch we recommend the following restaurants and canteens close to the venue.

  1. Mieta Resto Bar, ul. Krupnicza 19a
    Lunch around 8-12 EUR.
  2. Dynia Resto Bar, ul. Krupnicza 20
    Lunch around 5-10 EUR.
  3. Bałkanica Restaurant, ul. Czysta 3
    Lumch around 7-10 EUR.
  4. Pizzeria Osteria, ul. Czysta 8
    Lunch around 5-10 EUR.
  5. Green Way Restaurant (vegetarian and vegan), ul. Krupnicza 22
    Lunch around 5-10 EUR.
  6. Bistro Auditorium Maximum, ul. Krupnicza 33
    Lunch around 3-5 EUR.
  7. Canteen in Nawojka Hotel, ul. Reymonta 11
    Lunch around 3-5 EUR.
  8. Ris Bar Diana, ul. Reymonta 11
    Lunch around 3-5 EUR.
  9. Canteen Tawo, ul. Reymonta 13A
    Lunch around 3-5EUR.
  10. Canteen in Zaczek Hotel, Al. 3 Maja 5
    Lunch around 3-5 EUR.


For a dinner we recommend one of the many restaurants situated in the Kazimierz district
(here you will find a wide selection).

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